Deborah Cunningham dipCNM, dipAK, mNTOI, mNRRI

My name is Deborah Cunningham, I qualified as a kinesiologist in 2014 with the Association of Systematic Kinesiology. In 2021 I qualified as a Nutritional Therapist with the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Dublin.

My experience of working with clients in my career as a beauty therapist and reflexologist, increased my curiosity of therapies that can get to the cause of the  health issues that we all commonly suffer from. I discovered kinesiology through a colleague of mine, this way of detecting the causes of health imbalances made total sense to me. I was able to detect what was causing my weight gain and IBS type symptoms, which also led to fluctuating mood and a negative mindset. It was a relief to know I had the power to control my own health and well-being.

I always had a passion for food and wanted to know more about the science and biochemistry of the food we consume daily. The biochemistry of food and the related functioning of the body is quite mind blowing. Now as a nutritional therapist, I feel I have the knowledge to communicate the importance of this to my clients, as knowledge is key to achieve results. I can further support my existing clients, and for new clients who require direction with their diet to restore their health.

As an experienced Kinesiologist and Nutritional Therapist I am committed to helping clients achieve and maintain optimum health. My focus is on identifying the underlying causes of any presenting health issues and in treating the cause and not just the symptoms we move towards an holistic approach which aims to treat each person as an unique individual. We design a personalised health care package tailored just for you. I have successfully worked with clients who suffered from digestive, hormonal, stress and immune related health issues.

My areas of interest include digestive problems – IBS, food intolerances, reflux, bloating, constipation, stress and anxiety issues; hormonal problems and skin conditions amongst many more.

If you would like a free confidential telephone conversation to discuss how I may be able to help you, please email me to arrange.