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Easy ways to boost immunity

Ginger Is one of the most versatile spices we have available. It relieves nausea, can prevent vomiting and is a general antioxidant and antimicrobial. Make in a warming tea by boiling in water for 10 minutes, strain and drink with a squeeze of lemon or chop and add to stir-fries and marinades.

Extra virgin olive oil is widely underestimated for its therapeutic benefits. Supports memory, ageing, cholesterol and skin repair. Its preferable to buy good quality in a dark coloured bottle and store in the fridge or a dark cupboard. Add to salads or drizzle over cooked food.

Celeriac is an overlooked vegetable and is an excellent alternative to potatoes. It’s a member of the celery family and is a source of calcium, magnesium, fibre and vitamin C. It is fat free and low glycaemic. This knobbly looking vegetable can be off putting, but give it a go. Just cut away the coarse peel to begin. It can be cooked similarly to potato but can also be grated into salads.

Garlic is anti-microbial, lowers cholesterol, increases good bacteria. Chop 2-3 cloves a day and add raw to olive oil and parsley as a flavouring, or to sauces and curries toward the end of cooking.

Parsley is a versatile herb, full of chlorophyll, iron, vitamin C and K. Supports adrenal and kidney health. Add to smoothies, dressings and toward the end of cooking to preserve the nutritional value.