I attended Deborah for kinesiology as I was constantly tired and bloated. I have a very stressful job but I do try to exercise and have a balanced diet. The session with Deborah was very relaxing and also informative by highlighting certain foods that were irritating my digestive system so leading to my symptoms. I needed some supplements to bring up my nutrient levels for a short time.

By implementing these simple changes, I quickly began to feel better, the bloating was gone, and my energy levels increased dramatically. Such an easy solution to bring about such good results.

I mentioned to Deborah that my 3-year-old daughter had developed ‘Molluscum contagiosum’ which are small lesions on the skin, not serious but contagious and they had spread over her body. I had consulted a dermatologist and was told the treatment for them was not highly successful, they could be burnt off but not without causing pain and distress and may go away by the age of 6. I decided to give kinesiology a go, and within two weeks with the recommended natural drops taken the lesions began to disappear and completely gone within a month. An incredible result as Katie had suffered them for the past nine months.


The first time I went for a kinesiology session with Deborah I was quite anxious as this was all new to me. As she explained the process it all made total sense to me. For every symptom there was a solution. I was amazed at how my body reacted when a specific food placed on me weakened the muscle test. Some of the endless supplements I was taking were not needed and other ones were more necessary for resolving my health issues. By taking exactly what I required alongside Deborah’s cleansing and healing expertise, my ill health was soon rectified and as a result I feel more alive and on the road to recovery. Kinesiology is a gift, a process and the difference it has made to my life is unbelievable/ I am so grateful to Deborah for her insight, knowledge and experience and would strongly recommend this to everyone!


I knew something was just not right with my body and energy despite exploring many avenues including badgering chemists, health shops and even blood tests, all of which were dead ends. I was recommended Kinesiology by a concerned friend and thankfully it worked a treat. Deborah was extremely helpful and answered my multitude of questions by educating me on kinesiology and enabling me to connect my awareness to what’s happening with my body. Thankfully, we got to the root of my missing mojo and lethargy through supporting my bodys systems with the right supplements and tweaking my diet. I am happy to report I am back on track and feeling like my old self. Following deborahs advice enabled this to happen and I am forever in debt to her and her craft and now know where to return in future for support in managing my health and energy.


I returned to Irish dancing after a long break, as soon as I began my hip became painful and I had to stop, my doctor said its just wear and tear ( I am in my early thirties) and suggested a physio, I decided to try Kinesiology and it was sorted in one treatment, that was five months ago and I am still pain free and dancing ! Then my 3 year old son had difficulty walking all of a sudden and his left leg started to go weak as he attempted walking, I was worried so brought him to A&E. Investigations proved futile and we were sent home. I brought him to see Deborah and she found that one of the ankle muscles was weak and she worked on the related acupressure points and he was able to walk properly gain.


As a mother you try to do your best for your kids, my daughter had been complaining of constant stomach and joint pains, her hair grew slowly, and her skin had patchy pigmentation in places, so I knew there was something amiss. After a year of GP & dermatologists appointments getting nowhere, I found Deborah! I’m so grateful and thankful. Kinesiology was totally new to me, and Deborah listened and explained what she would do, and through her amazing knowledge and techniques she cleared my daughters bad gut bacteria and healed her digestive system. We changed her diet and added in a few supplements and within a few months she was a new happy child. No more pains, no more discolouration of skin and her hair doubled in length over 12 months. We regularly go back to Deborah for check in’s. I would highly recommend Deborah to everyone!


I went to Deborah in June of this year suffering from anxiety due to stress and other issues related to stress. Since following Deborah’s advice and implementing the changes she recommended I have never felt better, my energy levels have greatly improved, and my brain fog has lifted. Deborah is a wealth of knowledge, and I would highly recommend anyone who is feeling out of balance to see Deborah.


As a family, we have had many appointments with Deborah over the last number of years and the time given at the appointments certainly make us feel we are being listened to and taken care of. Kinesiology sessions were very new to us at first, but Deborah put us at ease, there is a calm to the appointments, it is never a rush. Our concerns are dealt with through discussion and therapy suggested by Deborah- she listens to you and takes care to advise you.

With me it is my lower back and digestive system that cause me most concern. Just recently, after an appointment concerning my lower back and left hip and I got so much relief and the pain subsided. With my digestive system- I have a history. In May this year, I was prescribed an antibiotic for a sinus infection – the medication gave me reflux and slowed up my digestion. I also felt very tired. After Deborah’s help and attention to the details through diagnosis and supplements to aid in the recovery of my digestive system, the last 4 weeks have been great, as I am feeling so much better. I highly recommend making an appointment with Deborah.


Before trying Kinesiology I was dealing with issues relating to the menopause, mostly anxiety, and being a Coeliac, I had stomach problems.

I just happened to see some literature on Kinesiology and thought why not I’ll give it a try. I started with Debi and over the following few months I was assessed and began a series of treatments. Over the months I attended Debi I felt a huge improvement in my wellbeing, both physically and mentally. I would whole heartedly recommend Kinesiology and I have done to a number of my friends.


I sought out kinesiology over 4 years ago because of severe carpal tunnel syndrome. I knew there had to be an alternative to an operation. Debi was the fisrt person that really listened to me and got to the root of my problem. Since then she has also helped my thyroid issues and balanced my hormones after years of menstrual related diffictulites. She has also helped me deal with the effects of long COVID. She has given me the power to make good decisions and learn about my own body. I have seen how this has helped me and my whole family, who have since also started to see Debi. It is a relief not to be reliant on medication. This support and expert knowledge has kept me motovated to stay on a healthy path.


Kinesiology with Debi is now my go to place for any health issue I may have. I have benefitted time and time again with Debi’s knowledge of the body, its systems and all her nutritional knowledge. I would highly recommend Debi to anyone for her holistic approach to health.


I attended Debi at the beginning of 2020 for Kinseology because I was having palpitations and Debi diagnosed me as being Dairy Intolerant. Debi set out a nutrional plan for me and showed me how to realign my adrelan glands which we were out of sync and were causing me problems. I continued seeing Debi when the lockdown was over and she discovered I had bacteria in the stomach and again set out a new nutrional plan which I have been following ever since, which has benefited me enormously. It helps when you are told the correct food to eat. I have never felt as good as I do now.

I have found Debi to be very informative and very helpful and knowledgeable. Debi goes the extra mile. Always there if you require any further information. Debi also has shown me different ways to relax and avoid stress. I don’t know where I would have been without Debi in the last year, probably back and forth to the doctor but not achieving any results. I would highly recommend Debi as a Nutrionalist and Kinseologist to anyone who was having problems.


I came to Deborah as I was having symptoms of peri menopause along with some issues with my stomach, I'd been to my GP who was very dismissive and really not helpful.

Deborah has helped to really settle down my stomach issues with some simple changes to my diet and adding in some supplements and we have also worked on my mood and my anxiety.

This is still a work in progress but I am already starting to see a shift in how I feel.

What I really like also about Deborahs approach is that I can change things by switching foods or adding different foods into my diet so it's all natural and I'm not being put onto different medications.

I have found the whole area of kinesiology fascinating and so informative, I've since recommended to a number of friends to visit Deborah.


I visited Deborah for a Kinesiology consultation a few months ago with symptoms of itching on my face and neck and skin breakout and I suspected that it might be a parasitic infection as I was treated for one several years ago by another Kinesiologist. Deborah carried out various tests and diagnosed a parasitic infection and a leaky gut. She put me on a course of treatment to clear the parasitic infection and advised me to avoid certain foods in order to treat the leaky gut. I then had 2 further monthly consultations to monitor progress, and so after about 8 weeks the parasitic infection was cleared up and the leaky gut. My health improved and I also started on a course of probiotics.

I would definitely recommend Kinesiology.  Deborah was very professional and offered very useful advice, and I will visit her again with any health issues!


The benefits I have found from practising Kinesiology

Kinesiology has been the most wonderful discovery for me health-wise.  My only regret is that I didn’t discover this practice earlier in my life.

It has helped me realise that there are many wonderful natural remedies to the different aches and pains I experience from time to time such as muscle ache/tension, digestive problems, irregular cycle.  Natural supplements combined with nutritional information recommended by my amazing Kinesiology practitioner, Deborah Cunningham, has me feeling great in no time!!!!


I have had issues for a few months with Dermatitis  on my eyelids and lips.

I had been using a Cortisone cream as recommended by my doctor.

However, it was working for a little while and came back as soon as I stopped using it.

Of course, you cannot use a Cortisone cream continuously as your skin gets thinner.

I asked Debbie about it and she suggested I try kinesiology.

After just 2 sessions (and following all instructions), my skin was cleared.

This happened in the course of a couple of months during which I stopped having dairy products and at the same time was taking a herbal remedy.

I would recommend anybody to try kinesiology.