Kinesiology is a therapy that involves the study of muscles and movement, using gentle muscle testing to restore balance to the physical, mental and emotional body. Any imbalances effect how well the body functions, which Kinesiology can detect. These include inadequate gut function and hormonal imbalances Kinesiology applies the same principles as acupuncture to detect the underlying causes. We use specific supplements, Australian bush flower essences and homeopathy as our ‘medicine’. We do not interfere with prescribed medication and endeavor to work alongside orthodox medicine. Kinesiology has benefited a wide range of health conditions from digestive issues, to back pain, and emotional problems.

Digestive issues

Irritable bowel syndrome, digestive issues, heartburn, bloating, constipation, bloating and weight gain.

Emotional Conditions

Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue, headaches, migraines, poor sleep, skin rashes, psoriasis, eczema, low immunity and more.

Physical issues

Back, neck and shoulder pain, joint inflammation, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis.

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is the basis of functional medicine utilising what nature has provided for us. This includes whole foods, phytonutrients, specific quality supplements, and support and advice for lifestyle and stress management. As nutritional therapists, we are trained in biochemistry, physiology and clinical practice. What we put into our bodies has a direct effect on our physical and mental health. Focusing on our nutrition can resolve many health issues due to its therapeutic effects on our health and our longevity,

Our personalised dietary and lifestyle advice tailored to our clients individual health requirements. This involves dietary recommendations, meal suggestions and recipes, advice on how to incorporate these changes to your lifestyle. Everyone can benefit from Nutritional Therapy, to relieve digestive problems, chronic fatigue, weight gain, infertility, menopausal symptoms, skin conditions, anxiety and many more.

Digestive issues

If you have ever been diagnosed with irritable bowel or IBS type symptoms (such as constipation, diarrhoea and bloating), did you ever consider what is irritating your bowel? We normally accept this label, and try to manage symptoms of digestive disorders with over the counter remedies in the hope that they will go away. Instead, what we can do is identify what may be the cause, such as an overload of microbes, toxins, food intolerances or stress.

Food sensitivities and intolerances

Detecting foods that may be causing your gut to react can have an influence on resolving your symptoms. Often allergies are ruled out, but intolerances can also have similar symptoms with a negative impact on our gut and general health. We provide information on alternative foods to relieve inflammation on the gut, avoiding certain foods is often a short-term measure.

Stress and sleep issues

Our body’s systems are all interconnected, with stress impacting on depletion of our nutrients causing dysfunction elsewhere in the body. These systems require the vitamins and minerals in our food to balance our hormone levels which determine our mindset and how we feel daily. Without adequate sleep, we are unable to repair our gut and regulate our “body clock” leading to daytime fatigue and irritability.

Post viral/ Post illlness fatigue

Fatigue can be directly related to a previous viral infection; the immune system is often depleted in its ability to fight off viruses and bacteria that we are constantly surrounded with. Enabling this system to work efficiently arms us with the best natural fighters.

*Both Kinesiology & Nutritional Therapy are aimed to clearing health issues rather than constant symptom treating which can continue for years with possible side effects. Your options are to do a combination of both kinesiology and nutrition together, or as individual therapies. We advise between at least 2 to 6 treatments as a general guide, depending on how chronic or long term your issue is.


A relaxing therapy working on the feet to balance the body €60.

Thalgo Skin Care

Thalgo laboratories were created in France in 1994 and are the original marine spa brand. Their philosophy is based on using the rich micro nutrients found in sea plants and algae – containing dense material concentrations of up to 1000 times more than land plants. Only the purest sources are developed into their product ranges. Thalgo do not test products on animals.


Teen facial €50

Hyalu-Procollagen Facial €80

Marine Infusion Facial €65

Peelin Marine €60